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Welcome to IKRT

Integrative Ketogenic Research and Therapies uses principles of Metabolic Psychiatry to provide remote, highly personalised 1:1 Metabolic Therapy for both psychiatric conditions and overall metabolic health.


We support you in implementing and maintaining metabolic therapies that are suited to your lifestyle and tailored to your health goals. This includes, but is not limited to, Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy.

Interested in Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy for your Mental Health?

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News and Updates

Check out Erin's discussion with Dr Bret Scher on the Metabolic Mind podcast

Listen to Erin on the Low Carb & Fasting podcast with Nayiri Mississian

Listen to Erin on the ProLongevity podcast with Graham Phillips

Find our founder Erin along with IKRT exhibiting at the Public Health Collaboration Conference

18-20th May 2024, London


Are you interested in using Hardy products for your mental health?
As a Hardy Nutritionals trained practitioner, Erin can answer your questions and provide you with a tailored protocol

PHCUK image promoting Dr Erin Bellamy for their conference
Natural Mental Health announcing that Erin Bellamy is a Hardy Nutritionals trained practitioner.

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What Clients Say

“Erin is always warm, funny and super supportive."

MetabolicMental Health Program

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What is Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy?

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Nutritional Evaluation 

Are you following a low carbohydrate or ketogenic diet but unsure if you are doing it correctly? Has your progress stalled? 

Our Partners

We proudly partner with leading companies in the field of Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy to help you simplify and maintain your therapeutic ketogenic lifestyle:

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Please note, if you click on an affiliate link and proceed to make a purchase, the site owner will receive a small commission. 

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