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Food Addiction and Binge Eating 

Do you struggle with binge eating, overeating ultra-processed foods (UPFs) or food addiction?

Get in touch to start using metabolic therapy to help you regain control over food.

Click below to book a consultation call with Erin to discuss your situation and create a care plan to finally overcome binge eating and food addiction.

Image by Isabella Fischer
Image by Daniel Hering

Food Addiction and Binge Eating Program

For those who feel they have tried everything and who struggle to regain their control over food, perhaps doing well for a time before struggling once more. For those who have struggled with years of binging on ultra-processed foods and eating in secret and who want to quieten that voice.

  • Calls with Erin (10 calls over 12 weeks)

  • Coaching and accountability

  • Email support and troubleshooting

  • Nutrition and lifestyle education specific to food addiction

  • Full nutrition and lifestyle review and support 

  • A personalised approach to nutrition with the removal of ultra-processed foods and introduction of a low carbohydrate diet or ketogenic metabolic therapy 

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Filling the food void support

  • Lifestyle obstacle planning and support 


£1,999 for 12 weeks 


*Ongoing support available after 12 weeks. Consultations with a dietitian who specialises in Food Addiction are also available.

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Important Disclaimer

The information above and the information provided in the IKRT programs are for educational purposes only and do not intend to assess, screen or treat any medical condition. Nothing on this website or in these programs constitutes medical advice. This information does not substitute for a doctor-patient relationship. Speak to your doctor before making changes to your diet or medication. 

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