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Metabolic Mental Health Program

Have you heard that a low carbohydrate or ketogenic way of eating might help improve anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions?

Are you or a family member interested in trialling a metabolic approach to your mental health? 

If so, this program may help...

What is Metabolic Psychiatry?

"Metabolic psychiatry is a new subspeciality focused on targeting and treating metabolic dysfunction to improve mental health outcomes" 

- Shebani Sethi, MD

Founding Director 

Stanford University Metabolic Psychiatry Clinic

What is the Metabolic Mental Health Program?

A Highly Personalised 12-Week Metabolic Health program that may improve mental health symptoms.  

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Personalised Dietary Programs

Support to initiate and implement a personalised ultra-processed food free, low carbohydrate, or ketogenic diet depending on your needs. Other diets and  fasting mimicking approaches can be tailored to your needs from our Registered Dietitan.

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Remote Biometrics Monitoring

Daily biometric monitoring (e.g. ketones, glucose, GKI etc.) with remote review so we can make changes in real-time for the best results.


Regular Diet & Lifestyle Review

Weekly 1:1 calls with your metabolic health practitioner (Erin) to review your diet and help you overcome any lifestyle obstacles in the week ahead.


High Level Support & Troubleshooting

Work closely with your metabolic health practitioner (Erin) to better understand how nutrition and lifestyle impact your health.

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Tracking Mental Health Symptoms

Daily symptoms monitoring (e.g. mood, energy, anxiety etc.) as well as tracking of symptoms using psychological measures.

All Hands In

Collaboration with Your Medical Team

Collaboration and communication with your mental health team is our priority. They are still responsible for your mental health treatment and care. 

How Much Does the Metabolic Mental Health Program Cost? 

What Does the Program Include?

Weekly Check In Calls

Once a week 1:1 check-in calls (60 minutes) with your metabolic health practitioner (Erin) to ensure everything is on track, track your symptoms, discuss any difficulties or issues you are facing and make arrangements and plans for a successful week ahead. 12 calls in total.

Monthly Registered Dietitian appointments are also included if needed.

Full Diet and Lifestyle Review

An initial full history and review of your diet, lifestyle and supplements to date. This helps us to better understand the positive and negative contributing factors to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Weekly Team Case Review

Your metabolic health practitioner and your Registered Dietitian will have dedicated time each week to review and discuss your case and progress. This helps them to streamline your care so you get the most out of your weekly and monthly appointments. 

Full Biometrics Review and Daily Remote Tracking by Team

Daily biometric monitoring with remote review so we can make changes in real-time for the best results. All relevant biometrics will be discussed during your first consultation call.

Mental Health Symptoms Tracking

Daily and weekly mental health symptoms monitoring (e.g. mood, energy, anxiety etc.) to better understand how your nutrition and environment impact your health.

Food Addiction Support

Food addiction is one of the biggest struggles in making this a lifestyle. You will learn about food addiction and identify whether it is an obstacle for you. If so, with the support of your metabolic health practitioner, you will learn ways to overcome it.

Tailored 1:1 Support

Understanding how to implement this approach can be overwhelming in the beginning. You will have hundreds of questions that will need answering. Support is tailored to your needs and will help you feel confident in understanding how nutrition and lifestyle impact your mental health. Ongoing email support and troubleshooting is provided.

Personalised Dietary Program

Support to initiate and implement a personalised ketogenic diet or other diet tailored to your needs from our Registered Dietitian. In some cases, a ketogenic diet is not necessary, and a low carbohydrate or ultra-processed food free diet may be enough.

Vitamins & Minerals Review with Personalised Recommendations

Many people are taking vitamins and minerals without truly knowing what they are for, or if they are working. Your Registered Dietitian will review your vitamin and mineral intake and will give you personalised recommendations based on your needs.

Education and Incorporation of Fasting Protocols

There are many ways to implement a metabolic health approach to your diet and lifestyle. Your metabolic health practitioner will teach you how to use different eating and fasting protocols to reach your goals.

Lifestyle Obstacle Support

Overcoming lifestyle obstacles is key in order to maintain your progress for the long term. Navigating Christmas, birthdays, holidays and eating out can feel overwhelming at first, but you will learn to easily manage these during this program.

Customisable Starter Pack

Getting started can be really tricky if you don't know what you need to get going. Don't worry! Your customisable pack will arrive with you before you start the program and it will have everything you need for the full 12 weeks. 

Want to know more about the Metabolic Mental Health Program? 
Book your consultation call with Erin to find out how it could work for you.

What is in the Starter Pack?

12 Weeks Worth of:

- Supplements
- Keto Flu Support 
- Biometric Tracking Devices

and much more depending on your needs... 


Making things easy for you...

This program has been designed to provide you with everything necessary to begin and effectively follow the diet without experiencing any adverse effects. When starting a new diet, people often waste a lot of time navigating various websites to figure out what to do and what to buy.


This can be both unnecessary and overwhelming. Many individuals find it challenging to stick to the diet during the initial weeks because they lack the essential resources needed for success.

I've simplified things for you. Drawing from my seven years of experience assisting individuals with Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy, I've curated a customised package that covers all your requirements for the entire 12-week program (except for food, of course).


Your starter kit includes top-quality supplements to support your health, as well as a state-of-the-art device for monitoring your progress. During our initial consultation call, we'll go over the contents of the starter pack, and I'll tailor it to your specific needs, making adjustments as necessary.

This approach makes getting started so much easier.

Want to get started?


Complete the enquiry forms and book a consultation call to discuss eligibility


We will discuss if the program is right for you. If not, we will make an alternative plan


Purchase the program to suit your needs and take agreed preparatory steps


Receive customised starter pack to support you as you begin the program


Get started! Working collaboratively with us and your mental health team

- Ready to Get Started? -

Book Your First Consultation Now

Important Disclaimer

The information above and the information provided in the IKRT programs are for educational purposes only and do not intend to assess, screen or treat any medical condition. Nothing on this website or in these programs constitutes medical advice. This information does not substitute for a doctor-patient relationship. This program is designed to be followed alongside your current medical care and in collaboration with your mental health team. Speak to your doctor or psychiatrist before making changes to your diet or medication. 

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